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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In Progress - Try Vegetarianism for 21 Days

UPDATE: This was not the greatest idea in the world, at least not at that point in my life. I was avoiding meat instead of creating fantastic vegetarian meals.

Now please keep in mind that I am in college on a limited budget with a microwave but no other way to cook food! Also, I'm lazy. I'm giving myself one cheat meal each week because I'm in Washington, D.C., for the first time in my recent memory, so I don't want to limit myself completely if I find something new. I think this won't be too hard because 1. I don't eat a ton of meat anyway (I like regular pasta better) and 2. I'm buying pre-made meals most of the time, so I'll just have to make sure to avoid meat.

My daily log:

Day One (7/24/12): What can I say? I was inspired! Not the most healthy start, but I didn't decide I was going to start until about halfway through the day. Breakfast: pop tart, Lunch: Mac n Cheese, Snack: grapes, Fig Newtons, Dinner: Mac n Cheese. Not planned that way, I just had very little time at lunch and didn't go shopping before dinner.

Day Two: I went to the grocery store and bought some healthy food! Breakfast: yogurt with pineapple, Snack: lightly salted peanuts and Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino, Lunch: three-cheese rotini, Dinner: minestrone soup, Snack: grapes, Vitamin Supplement: yes
Research: Apparently I'll have to make sure to get plenty of fiber (legumes, oats, some fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grain, wheat), potassium (bananas, beans, dairy products), calcium (dairy), Vitamin B-12 (yogurt, fortified foods like cereal), Vitamin D (sunlight, low-fat dairy, fortified foods like cereal), iron (cereals, legumes, soy beans, tofu, dried fruit - especially important for menstrating girls), protein (eggs, dairy, nuts, beans, tofu, grains, vegetables), zinc (cereals, dried beans, nuts, soy products)
It looks like I'll also have to start taking my vitamin supplements again...

Day Three: Breakfast: yogurt with pineapple and grapes, Lunch: rice noodle soup bowl and craisins, Snack: peanuts, Dinner: minestrone soup, Dessert: Haagen Dazs chocolate something that was AMAZING, Vitamin: yes

Day Four: Breakfast: yogurt with pineapple and grapes, Snack: peanut butter crackers, Lunch: Sesame Teriyaki noodle bowl, Snack: peanuts, Dinner: Mac n Cheese, Dessert: Haagen Dazs ice cream, Vitamin: yes

Day Five: Breakfast/Snack: Fig Newtons, Lunch: pita with roasted vegetables, tahini sauce, hummus, tomato, cucumber, and feta cheese, Snack: pita bread, peanuts, Dinner: Mac n Cheese, Dessert: grapes, Vitamin: no :(

Day Six: Breakfast: peanut butter crackers, Lunch: southern collard greens (awful), garlic green beans, watermelon, and a salad with cucumbers, red peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, and dressing, Snack: grapes, Dinner: same as lunch (leftovers), Vitamin: no :(

Day Seven (7/30/12): Breakfast: yogurt with grapes and pineapple, Lunch: Pasta Alfredo, Dinner: lentil soup with some leftover salad from yesterday, Dessert: watermelon frozen yogurt with watermelon, tiny chocolate balls, and kiwi, Vitamin: yes

Day Eight: Breakfast: pop tarts, Lunch: baked cheese snack crackers and cheddar cheese dip, Snack: fig newtons, Dinner: Spaghetti O's, Dessert: fig newtons, Vitamin: yes

Day Nine: Breakfast: yogurt with pineapple, Lunch: Three-Cheese Rotini, Snack: peanuts, Dinner: Mac n Cheese, Dessert: Half Baked ice cream, Vitamin: yes

Day Ten - cheat meal: Breakfast: pop tarts, Lunch: beef (remember I'm giving myself one cheat meal each week, and I haven't taken one yet!), some noodle/rice thing, salad, cookie, Snack: cookies, Dinner: tomato soup and baked cheese snack crackers, Dessert: Half Baked ice cream, Vitamin: yes

Day Eleven: Breakfast: pop tarts, Lunch: sesame teriyaki noodle bowl, Snack: grapes, Dinner: salad and french onion soup, Vitamin: no

Day Twelve: Breakfast: pop tarts, Lunch: pasta and tomato sauce, Dinner: cheese quesadillas, Vitamin: no

Day Thirteen: Breakfast: peanut butter crackers, Lunch: broccoli cheese rice, Snack: fruit salad and fig newtons, Dinner: Peanut Sesame noodle bowl, Dessert: fruit salad and fig newtons, Vitamin: no

Day Fourteen (8/6/12): Breakfast: breakfast packet with things like nuts and yogurt-covered raisins, Lunch: Garlic parmesan pasta, Snack: peanuts, Dinner: miso soup, Dessert: crushed pineapple, Vitamin: yes

Day Fifteen: Breakfast: breakfact packet, Lunch: garden vegetable rice, Snack: peanut butter crackers, Dinner: broccoli cheese rice and mashed potatoes, Dessert: crushed pineapple, Vitamin: no

Day Sixteen: I'm feeling a little woozy today. I'm not sure if it's dehydration, lack of protein (which gave me headaches a few years ago), or something else. I got a nice sweet tea to try to rehydrate. Breakfast: breakfast packet, Lunch: Three Cheese Rotini, Snack: peanuts, Dinner: mashed potatoes, Dessert: Creme Brule ice cream

Day Seventeen: Breakfast: breakfast packet, Lunch: pasta alfredo

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