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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Donate a Goat

UPDATE: Done! I ordered through Save the Children and got a card. I also made him a card with a lot of pictures and little story about how I assumed he didn't want an actual goat but that he might like this goat. He really loved it!

My dad has always joked (at least I'm pretty sure he was joking...) that he wants to retire as a gentleman farmer and raise goats. I have a miniature schnauzer who looks kind of like a goat, so he says he sort of has a goat!

I don't think he actually wants a goat (and certainly not as a gift), so I think the next best thing is to donate a goat through an organization in his name as a present. He'd like it because it's helping a family, and it's special to us because it's a goat.

So I'm going to donate a goat for him for Christmas! I know I'm planning early, but why not?

I've started narrowing down charities. I started with Heifer then branched out based on Google searches and recommendations. Based on several charity scoring sites, here's what I have so far: 

World Vision - $75 - B+
Mercy Corps - $70 - A-
Save the Children - $50 - A
World Concern - $85 for a baby goat, vaccinations, a pen for the animal, and a card for us - A-

I think I'm leaning toward World Concern or Save the Children. World Concern because their website speaks extensively about how a family that can barely feed themselves can't afford to take care of everything a goat needs until she can grow up and make milk and more baby goats. And I'd get a card to give my dad! Save the Children because it's rated highest out of the ones I've narrowed down. 

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